Small rod iron table makeover



This little table is going to be  for an event at our church we do once a year called “Real woman”. It will be given as one of the give away’s in the draw. I was asked to do a small makeover on a piece, but trying to find a small table believe it or not was not that easy, every time I went and checked in at the goodwill or bible for missions I came up empty-handed. Then my daughter in-law mentioned she had this table so I thought let me see what I can come up with.

It’s not a big table, it’s the size of a postage stamp, but I wanted to do something that would make a small impact! At  first I was going for a beach themed table with some stenciled words in bright colors , but that didn’t work out so I painted over the top again and came up with this idea.

I bought some stencils at Micheal”s so after my failure at the beach themed table, I decided on the one with french script and did that in a Metallic  color, and then I stenciled the Paris  tower as well over that in a black color.


For this project I used my homemade chalk paint recipe again,  I mixed up a behr tester pod in Cloud white. I then distressed  along edge of table and on the legs as well. I sanded it down with 220 grit paper and waxed it a little bit. I applied the stencil first before I waxed the top of it.

So here is the outcome, I hope they  will find a spot in their home and enjoy it!








This is the stencil I bought at Micheal’s it was 27.99 but I always use a 50% coupon, and this one stencil had so many stencils inside it so it was worth it.



These little tester pods are great for mixing up and doing a couple of small jobs the cost is only 3.99 for a behr pod. Thanks for stopping by!

I believe my next project will be starting the laundry room. I will start by painting the room first and the rest will probably be done in stages as the budget allows us to complete the rest. See you soon!

SOFA… styling a room




I am doing something a little different today on my blog.  I am styling a room by doing a mood board. I want to bring attention to this amazing sofa I came across and I  thought it would be a perfect way  to show you all how to style a room with this sofa as the focal point.

I love putting together a space and when you can’t actually be doing it all the time, what better way than to do what I am showing you today.

For some of you who don’t know what a mood board is.  It is just compiling all your favorite decor pieces together. I think  it’s the best way to  filter your ideas that are inside you and  express them on paper or like I’ve done on computer. It’s an easy, fun, way to gather all your paint colors, your furniture pieces, maybe an inspiration in a picture that you have seen somewhere, then narrowing it down and creating your mood board.

I love a great looking sofa and for me it has always been a must that I start with a great quality sofa in my space. I have a pet peeve with saggy cushions and drooping backs, they just irk me. To many times people go for a real cheap sofa and then end up having to replace it sooner than they thought. I am not here to say that we shouldn’t have a budget in mind. I am saying consider a good quality sofa  and you will have it for years to come!

So I wanted to create a  mood board and style a room around a  good quality sofa. I came across this sofa  and I  thought how I would love this in my space.  I know sometimes in life  we have to wait to get the right sofa, but it will be worth it!  It will be a timeless focal point in your living space for many years.  Then you can change things up by changing the accessories around the sofa.  My  favorite part of decorating a living space is to accessorize  the sofa with all the pillows,  a good throw and build around that!

Sectional sofas come in so many styles to fit in any space and it can make a room feel so inviting . Your room will feel like it’s telling your guest to make themselves at home. When your guest arrives and comes into your home, the first impression they get of your living space should be saying, “Come on in.  Put your feet up and relax.”  Who doesn’t want that kind of welcome?

A large sectional will  be my next choice when we buy a new sofa. I would love to have this sofa in the future!  . I love the nail heads on the arms of this sofa. The  material on this sofa reminds me of an expensive looking suit, hand tailored for a  classy looking business man, in a charcoal gray color! sofa-picture

I started  with the sofa as my focal point and from there I started picking out all the pieces as if I were actually doing this for my space . I would keep all my walls a white or very soft gray. Then adding just  a few darker accents by accessorizing with lots of texture. I love the barn door that adds as a great back drop to this sofa.


I  also thought I would  put together some rooms that I styled to showcase this sofa in 3 slightly different vignettes.  In the 2nd room, the couch is a bit bigger and configured differently.  Let me know which one you like best, my favorite is the last one.

So here is the first one but notice how the look of the room changes by just changing a few accessories even though we are keeping the same tones and pieces like the carpet and ladder.









This room is done with a real relaxed setting.  I wanted to show you how a couch like this can be styled  by just pairing it with different  accessories.  The whole vibe of this room changed when I paired it with a rustic white coffee table and lots of texture, by introducing the ottoman, the baskets and trays.  I chose this beach backdrop for a reason, lets just say I would totally love to live on the beach, in a  house like this, so as I was finding all the pieces I was dreaming :))

I hope you got inspired ! Thanks for stopping by.











Foyer makeover for $45




This week I was up to changing things around in our foyer! Let me show you what I did on a small budget!

I wanted the look of a coat rack hanging on my wall, I have always liked that look  with a bench and a coat rack, it just adds warmth and a cozy home feel to it.This is is my look I came up with using wood I already had in my garage, saving money is always fun.

So I got out my tape measure and measured some stuff up in my foyer. My idea was to switch my hutch, and my bench, by reversing them, BUT  I had to measure that the hutch wouldn’t block the door when you opened it. Well it worked out perfectly, so now I could go ahead with my plan!

When I get an idea in my head and it doesn’t work out, I may leave it for a while but I don’t give up on it. Once I knew I could put my bench on the other side, I went into the garage and got my left over piece of cedar wood from the address sign I did. If you haven’t seen that project  you can check it out.“D I Y… TO MAKE AN ADDRESS FOR YOUR HOME”

So I went ahead and started my plan and that included   doing just a few prints for a gallery wall.  I found some FREE PRINTS that I downloaded and once again had them printed at Costco. I had this picture but it wasn’t being used any more on my walls, but the frame was really pretty so this is what I decided to do with it. Chalk painted out and put the print in it. 



 These are some prints that I found that I thought were so pretty so they got added to the mix as well. 




So back to the plan, I took  this long piece of cedar wood which I sanded  and then  chalk painted it with my home-made chalk paint. The  color is “Cottage White” by Behr. Then before I bought any hooks, I wanted to Stencil the word” HOME “, so I did that with my Large block stencil. I then lightly distressed it along the edges! I used the color”metalic”for the stencil.



I went to a couple of big box stores looking for some hooks, Home Depot has the best choice and  that was the biggest part of my expense.I wish we had a Hobby Lobby’s in Canada, I know they have a great variety.

Hooks can run from $3 to $17 or even more for each one, it depends on what you want to spend. I was going to put only 4 hooks, I normally like an odd number, but with the letters stenciled in the middle 4 would work out perfect.The whole project cost me about $45 pretty good on the budget!

. Now that being said, it was the hooks that cost me more than anything.  I went with the middle of the range for those, at $7.95 per hook.

I made that wreath with dried hydrangea from my garden, with an old wreath  I had  in the basement already,I just used the base of it.I had all the  frames lying around not being used (it`s always good to have some stock laying around)


There you go, here`s another budget way to do something in your home!  SO HERE IS THE BEFORE !

















I thought these birds were so pretty when I came across them, they may not be for you.  I have always said art is personal.  The printables  for the birds are here.

The “Give Thanks“ print is found here .

I hope you got inspired to do something in your foyer with  a small budget! Thanks for stopping by!


bathroom new page

It is such a great feeling when you see a vision for a room and then  it is complete! It seems like it took longer than I anticipated but I’m sure that is the case with any project or construction going on in your home! It always amazes me how paint and a few changes to a room can just transform the whole feel of a room. I think that’s one of the things I absolutely love about decorating. So let me show you how  this all transpired into the vision I had for this bathroom!  Keep in mind it is so hard to capture a small space with pictures, but here we go!!





Lets start from the beginning 10 years ago we moved into our new home, at that time I  loved the dark colors for paint. We never did any  upgrades for this bathroom when we moved in . So it is so nice to see how a few upgrades transforms it  into a fresh, clean, looking bathroom!

So what we did was take off all the baseboard and the frame around the window and door, and started fresh. My talented husband geofftheelectrician built this Farmhouse inspired frame around the window out of Pined wood. He did such a great job!2016-07-24 16.58.40

2016-07-24 16.58.57

I wanted the look of a bigger baseboard so we used MDF BOARD for all the baseboard and strips the get the look of  board and batten.

With our cabinets I took  off the doors and drawers  and painted them out in Cloud white in ADVANCE PAINT BM. This is  really a great paint for doing furniture. I also changed the drawer handles . I left the ones on the door fronts! We now have Quartz with a new sink and a waterfall tap. What a difference it all makes!



I took our existing mirror and chalk painted it in Cloud White, and just lightly distressed it around the edges.

2016-08-26 10.17.49

2016-08-29 12.37.45

2016-08-31 09.40.12-1

As you can see how my husband built a new farmhouse door frame around the door as well.

2016-08-31 11.50.42-1


Now onto the light, I really struggled with choosing the right light, sometimes I over think things, but in the end I am very pleased with this light!2016-08-29 12.37.45

2016-08-31 12.13.20



2016-08-31 09.56.12-1

This picture I did up on my computer, the  first thing I did was to  pick a font and then I decided on a  scripture verse. I  had to take it into Staples to get it enlarged to the size of the  frame I bought at the  Goodwill. I wanted something narrow and long so it would fit just above the Board and Batten. Below is the  before, it was $6 at the Goodwill. I took it apart and just kept the frame and chalk painted it. I’m sure this print had its day, but it was pretty ugly, the frame was perfect for my idea though !

2016-08-31 09.57.54-1


2016-08-31 09.43.21-1

2016-08-31 11.40.30




2016-08-31 11.46.16

I think with the blind down the lighting is better, but there you have it our new farmhouse inspired bathroom. Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed seeing it!






“D I Y REWIND” to my coat rack with pine board!

cover page rustic coat rack


I am rewinding  back to my very first Woodworking  D I Y  piece I did in the Spring, I have to say, I was excited about this D I Y, it’s probably my favorite! I want to break it down to you just how easy this was and inexpensive it was to make. These can be very expensive to buy, especially like the one I did because of the big piece of pine board I used! This project was not at all expensive at all! So lets show you how its done! Continue reading



The Mason Jar has been around for years, they are used for so many things and for those of you who ENJOY THAT LOOK  of a mason jar used in your decor at home, here’s my take on it,  I did up  a D I Y using them as a  vase. I did this a few days ago, but I am just getting it out today! Is it something new? NO… But I  have wanted to tackle something like this for a while!

I had some in my cupboard and I have been seeing the many uses for them on PINTEREST , I think they can look so pretty.  There are countless ideas for them but I added my own twist to them, so that’s what I will show you today.  You can paint  them in bright colors, or if you have some real VINTAGE JARS, just add a few drops of blue food coloring and it will look like the glass is blue, or there are some that come in blue, like these below! These empty jars below were not mine but a picture of some more Vintage looking ones. They are pretty though! I may start looking for some of the Vintage ones when I am out shopping in thrift stores!Publication3

Continue reading