“D I Y REWIND” to my coat rack with pine board!

cover page rustic coat rack


I am rewinding  back to my very first Woodworking  D I Y  piece I did in the Spring, I have to say, I was excited about this D I Y, it’s probably my favorite! I want to break it down to you just how easy this was and inexpensive it was to make. These can be very expensive to buy, especially like the one I did because of the big piece of pine board I used! This project was not at all expensive at all! So lets show you how its done! Continue reading



The Mason Jar has been around for years, they are used for so many things and for those of you who ENJOY THAT LOOK  of a mason jar used in your decor at home, here’s my take on it,  I did up  a D I Y using them as a  vase. I did this a few days ago, but I am just getting it out today! Is it something new? NO… But I  have wanted to tackle something like this for a while!

I had some in my cupboard and I have been seeing the many uses for them on PINTEREST , I think they can look so pretty.  There are countless ideas for them but I added my own twist to them, so that’s what I will show you today.  You can paint  them in bright colors, or if you have some real VINTAGE JARS, just add a few drops of blue food coloring and it will look like the glass is blue, or there are some that come in blue, like these below! These empty jars below were not mine but a picture of some more Vintage looking ones. They are pretty though! I may start looking for some of the Vintage ones when I am out shopping in thrift stores!Publication3

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blog sign

For some reason I  have been on this mission to make some of these farmhouse signs, I love  the idea of putting your favorite quotes, or words that reflect you as a person or your  family and making a sign. You get to choose the words or even a scripture verse. If you are crafty person you can  make it for yourself or even give to a loved one. It would be a great gift at Christmas or even a hostess gift to give to someone! You get to decide whats in your heart and put it on wood . It may take a few  times to get it right, but they can look great. If you are not into this FARMHOUSE RUSTIC LOOK, than this may not be the D I Y for you!

It is not really that hard but then again  when anything is new… well lets just say it can be frustrating.  I am persistent when it comes to something I really want to tackle and this was one of them. So today I am going to show you a few signs that I have made up.  Continue reading




My daughter in-law gave me this old frame when they moved from there first home a few years back, she had it in their garden. So I stuck it our garden and hung it on the fence. I have always loved shabby rustic things, but putting something in our house like this frame… at the time never crossed my mind, until I started seeing all the ideas with these frames out their. It isnt anything new, but it sure looks pretty!!  So sitting in my garden for a couple of years the idea finally got put into motion once I saw what you could do.

I started out with sanding and repainting it with chalk paint and then distressing it. I wanted to see  how I would like it after that step, and  it  turns out I thought it was nice so I went ahead with my plan to do botanical prints in it. The only thing was it had no back to it, so I measured the back and cut a piece of plywood that was in the garage and painted  it the same color as the frame. I painted it  so if the prints didnt line up perfectly you would see the painted  white plywood and not the ugly color of plywood.


I printed them off on Saturday while my husband was doing the bathroom project. I had to cut each one down to fit properly in the frame. You can see the piece of wood  to act as my base for the botanicals to be put onto.

I used Krylon Easy- Tack Adhesive on the back of each print. I measured on the board first and lightly drew a line with a pencil where the bottom of each print would sit as a guide to place them evenly. Pretty simple not rocket science :)) So I sprayed each print and put them on the board and got them all in place.

The next part was the hardest it was  to attach the board at the back, so I did that with wall hangers across each corner to secure it in and a few extra nails for support, Sounds easy enough, but it took me about an hour and a half to do it right with few bumps along the way  and some serious sweating in the process.:((

The next step was to make sure it was secure enough with screws and wire to hang on the wall. You could lean it on something if you wanted to, but right now I will hang it here.


2016-07-25 09.49.58-1


2016-07-25 14.11.03

2016-07-25 14.25.29-1

I just put this table below it to see how it would look if I decided to move it somewhere else, this table cant stay here as my door to my deck is right there. A nice prop for the photo though!

2016-07-25 09.48.19-1

I think it turned out really pretty, another rustic farmhouse piece added into our home. Hope you enjoyed this DIY, I should be painting in the bathroom right now but I was excited to get this  done and up. See you all soon !! Here is the link below for prints..http://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-european-lavender-botanical-print/




change powder room page to this


Well we are taking the plunge with another room in our home ! We are coming into the 10 year anniversary that we have been in our home since we had it built, and its time to update YET another room, and one of them is the powder room on the main floor. So this is a sneak peek at what I plan on doing!

I am sure my husband thinks when will it end, he always has said as a standing joke one thing that is constant in our home is change! HA HA… but, he knows that it is adding equity into our home with what we have done so far, it’s not a waste!

You know to be honest I am glad we are doing these changes at this point, when we choose most of the finishes for our home they were not UPGRADED only a few things. I have learned so much along the way and it has caused me to choose differently in decor finishes. Making choices that hopefully are timeless for a long time and not just trendy, or wrong finishes  that are expensive to change out!

I am excited about the change that we want to do. We are first going to lighten up the color on the walls, and  I will paint the cabinet’s  white, I  havent decided on which white yet. BUT… I am considering this paint that we already have. SONNET BM. I will try it today on the wall and see how I like it first or  I will go with Pale Oak BM. 2016-07-20 16.33.092016-07-20 16.31.30


2016-07-20 16.07.55


Then doing all the trim in this color atrium white , I haven’t decided yet!

The counter top and sink are being pulled out and replaced with Granite, and a new square sink!

So yesterday we made a trip to Port Huron to go check out Bedrock Granite where we got our granite for the kitchen and I am HAPPY to say we did find a piece of Granite, but I think it is Quartz, it’s a light color. We did contact them before we went up and asked about remnant pieces, and they quoted us a good price better than what London offered, and no tax on it.

The walls are going to have a board and batten done to them, along with all new craftsmen style frame around the window and baseboard.  So the process begins, lots to do!

This will be how we want to do the window trim around the window,  I love this look and the higher baseboard on the floor  as well.

cover bathroom powder room


2016-07-19 17.45.17

This is similar to what I want to achieve in the way of the board and batten on the wall, the paint color on the walls will be different, as I have my floors to consider.

When buying a remanet piece you are limited, according to your size, and color choice. So thankfully we did come across this piece, as I wanted something in white tones without a  busy pattern. So this will do nicely and with the new square sink under mounted, and  a new Faucet, it will really make a difference.  Ours is similar to this one 2016-07-20 14.08.21



2016-07-20 14.38.50

I was going to get taps with 2 handles and then my husband made a good point, rather than turning on each tap, just get one that you can just give a push with one hand, if your hands were really dirty it would be much easier! He comes out with some great points and reminds  me sometimes of these things to consider… :))). It  is more practical, and I like the look of these water fall taps, so this will be what we will look for.

I am going to take the existing mirror and paint it in white, and the light fixture I will spray paint in a brushed nickel finish. I want to replace the glass! Once I spray paint my base in brushed nickel I could find something along these lines in the glass.

new bathroom page We do have a lot of work ahead of us, the counter wont be installed until August 24th so we have lots of time to get all the other stuff in the works. So there you have it, I can’t wait for the finished outcome. I love before and after  projects, I love doing a blog on them especially when  they are done to a  room! Until next time see you soon!!







Hello my friends I’m here again with another D I Y, that I hope you will enjoy. I am going to be making an address sign,  with the help of  geofftheelectrician  of course! 

My son and his wife moved into a new house last Summer, they have  had paper numbers on their home for their address for the last year. When you move into a new home they charge you for everything and that includes an address sign on the house. It can be expensive, I know we did it for our home. So I suggested I could make them an address.

I know there are so many of these types of ideas on Pinterest, so this is nothing new, but it is an easy way to get an address for your home, or even update something you may have now, I will show you just how easy it is!

We told them we had all the wood so not to worry about that, then we went into the garage and saw what the picking were, well lets just say, not great for what I wanted to do for them. So  my husband and I thought we would get a new piece of wood, they are your kids after all :)).

So we went to Home Depot and bought a piece of cedar wood. The piece was long enough for an extra project to do  later if I wanted. I believe this piece was 6ft or 8ft long and cost wise  was about $12 with tax. They bought the numbers and they came in under $10 each.

The first step we needed to do was measure the placement of the numbers on the wood. Then after that  its best to  tape the template onto the wood and mark your holes to drill.  Here is this nice piece of cedar wood, I  love the smell of cedar.2016-07-12 09.38.16



So we placed the numbers onto the wood and calculated the space between the numbers evenly. We then determined how long the piece of wood would  be above the top number and bottom as well.

They provide a template with the numbers, you can see we taped them onto the board and marked where the screws would go in. It is so much better to do this ALL BEFORE you stain your piece, AS well as the routed holes in the back to hang it, which I forgot to take a picture of. But my husband did a great job with that!!

We did run into a bit of a problem putting a number on the board, the screw broke, :(( so frustrating when that happens at the end of a project. So we went to Lowe’s and we bought a new number. When we started to put it up on the house another number broke, oh my goodness patience is needed. So my husband went and bought some contact glue and fixed it that way. It all worked out Thank God!

2016-07-07 17.45.32


Then after your numbers are all marked  it was READY to be  cut to length!  I then  took my electric  palm sander, I love this tool it saves time, then I  sanded  the whole piece of wood and rounded the corners a bit until it was smooth to the touch.I then wiped off all  the dust and it was ready to stain.

Then I applied the stain which was a dark walnut in MINWAX. My son request this color instead of a gray stain. I had both, so I gave them 2 options to choose from, they wanted it dark, so dark it is!

I applied 2 coats of the stain waiting a minimum of 4 hours before each coat. You don’t want to sand after the stain is applied. Then to protect it for outdoor use I applied 2 coats of Varathane exterior on it. You have to wait with this  as well between coats, 3 hours !

2016-07-14 20.15.27-1

So here is the finished out come of it, a few bumps in the process but finished and up on their house!

2016-07-14 20.15.16-1

Hope you enjoyed this my friends, and that you  find it an easy DIY for yourself or someone else? They were really pleased with it and it looked so nice in person! So thanks to my husband who helped me as well!! Until next time have a great weekend!


The world is taken up with this farmhouse fixer up look these days, and it has converted me! I am slowing adding touches of this rustic and farmhouse style into our home. I just love the look of a mix of modern farmhouse meets a bit of old and rustic farmhouse. I love all the light colors on the walls, mixed with lighter furniture pieces. I like the  pieces that make this look and pull it all together. So if you’re like me, a few DIY’s can help you achieve this look and not cost you much. Today’s blog is changing this lazy Susan and giving it a farmhouse look for my counter.

cover page


So here it is, an Ikea Lazy Susan. I simply sanded it down and put a coat of chalk paint on it. Then Istenciled something on the top, and sanded it again to distress it on the edges and around the sides. Then I gave it a coat of wax, giving it an inspired farmhouse touch.

2016-07-11 10.12.05-1


2016-07-15 11.51.47

Or use it as a coffee station….


Hope you enjoyed that DIY today, stay tuned for lots more coming up with bigger projects!


Here is another DIY with free prints and some goodwill frames @ $3 each. I chalk painted out the frames to a white color. As you can see from picture below they were a dark brown. I think I was drawn to them at first because of the picture inside, as my husband is an electrician. Frames are expensive so for that price and the cost of prints at Costco I have new pictures for under $20, not bad! Great inspiration to look at the quote everyday and be thankful!

2016-07-06 15.42.28-1

2016-07-07 12.00.58


2016-07-11 15.45.15-1

There you have a couple of D I Y’s hope you enjoyed them today.. sorry, I couldnt help the glare in pictures !

For future projects we are going to be painting our cupboards in our kitchen in the near future (sshh – don’t tell my husband because my near future is closer than his). Of course, I  will blog about that process as well as we go through it. The laundry room will be done as well but in the meantime I will FIRST paint our downstairs bathroom . We will be doing something I think you will enjoy seeing when we are finished that project. So lots coming up with projects  in the near future, I’m SO excited to show you all. One step at a time, and my motto is budget… budget but have it still look great! I will be back with some smaller projects soon that I’m working on. Have a blessed day… see you soon! Here is the link for prints.http://thecottagemarket.com/2016/03/farmhouse-printables.html This is the Link for the Find joy print, it is only for personal use.http://www.onsuttonplace.com/2014/04/joy-theme-free-printables/

2016-07-07 16.11.37